18 October 2013

As usual my morning starts with what I call a “Subconscious Musing”. This gets me started in the morning without the pressure of trying to ‘design’ something. As the title suggests the image comes firstly from my subconscious with a bit of automatic drawing/painting quickly followed by more painting (in acrylics) following my muse.

This, of course, gets the paint tubes open and my brushes wet before setting off on something more demanding. Well, actually this has it’s own demands with a constant eye having to be keep the mind open and trying NOT to get too definitive too early on.

After a while I step back to see what has transpired and I allow my imagination to wander and muse on what I’ve done so far developing and subtracting intuitively until I feel I can go no further.

Here, for what it is worth, good or bad, is todays work:

 It is what it is.131018.SubMusing


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