Two Falls….

….two submissions, or a knockout!

When I was a kid I loved the wrestling on TV and flung myself about doing ‘drop-kicks’, ‘pile-drivers’, and ‘half-nelson’s’ (not easy to do on ones-self). Then one day I came to realise that it was all a put-up job – it wisnae real, they were only actors putting on a show. My faith in the simplicities of life were broken asunder, much like my belief in Santa Claus.

Fortunately it has not really affected the wee boy inside me :o)

“Wrestlers”, acrylics on paper, 42x59cm.


Log Jam

Fallen trees lie tangled along the river-course.

The forest is under snow creating sharp contrast. Black and white. Some secretive animal has left it’s tracks along the length of the tree trunks using them as a bridge from one side of the icy waters to the other.

Standing still in the Great Outdoors, hands numb, drawing, has it’s astonishing surprises – a tiny wren works it’s way along the wooden barrier in front of me picking out grubs and insect eggs until it is within easy touching distance and I can marvel at the texture and colours of it’s feathers when suddenly it sees me and makes off noisily into the undergrowth.
A moment later, and just as suddenly, a black flash against the snow-white far bank catches my eye. It cannot be anything other than mink slipping into the cold waters below diving in between rocks, restlessly searching, working it’s way upriver, oblivious to my presence.

“Log Jam”, acrylics on paper, 42x59cm.

Even if I hadn’t made any drawings it would still be counted as a successful day.


Heavy snow last night, but not as much as I would have liked. I like a good snowfall.

I think it is good for the natural world to close down entirely and hopefully eliminate most of them dastardly bugs in excoriating fashion.

I also like to go sledging and building snowmen. Winter is great. It doesn’t last too long so ye’ve gotta make the most of it. Obviously it is uppermost in my lowermost mind:


“Snowman”, Subconscious Musing, 28 January 2015, mixed media (felt pen and acrylics) on paper, 42x59cm.