F-F-Frozen Forest Footpath

[I do like a bit of alliteration]

Winter still has it’s grip but bright sunshine encourages us to get out of the house and go for a woodland walk.


“F-F-Frozen Forest Footpath”, Acrylics on paper, 42x59cm.


4 thoughts on “F-F-Frozen Forest Footpath

    • Thank you very much, Karen, it was a very satisfactory day painting.
      Calderglen Country Park in winter has proved a rich resource for me this year.
      The figure is that of my darling wife, Jaqueline, who often poses for me to give a scene scale :o)

    • ps: I think the work you are doing, Karen, is fantastic in response to difficult Life experiences.
      It’s brilliant that you are able to express your inner self in the way you do through painting!
      Power to your painting arm,

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