Am Binnein


Not the highest mountain on Arran (Goatfell at 874m claims that distinction) but at 662m it still was too high for me to climb to the top. The truth is I’m such a wimp at clambering up bare rock-faces I rarely go beyond the tree-line. I get vertigo just going upstairs on the bus.

This sketch was made, as you can see, just as the trees were thinning out and gasping for oxygen. Ach, no, that was me that was gasping given that I had never walked that semi-vertical route before from Corrie at sea level, up past High Corrie, and didn’t know there was a car-park half-way up!

Though I am not a Gaelic speaker I think Am Binnein  means ‘top, or apex, of the peak’. It certainly is an imposing lump of rock and I love the Gaelic place names that give me a deeper sense of their ancient Scottish history.




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