Driftwood No.3


Acrylics on canvas, “Driftwood No.3“, 51x76cm.

Sometimes when you are gazing out to sea searching the far horizon dreaming of sea adventures and foreign lands there is a tendency to miss something closer to home.

If, however, like me you also take pleasure in the confusion of detritus, flotsam and jetsam, scattered around on the beach under your feet then it is just as good a subject as the panoramic.


The Tower

Many languages to confuse but I prefer to listen to the language of the heart.

141218.SubMusing.002 Subconscious Musing, 18 December 2014, acrylics on paper, 42x59cm.

Winter Bouquet

“Caged by short days of cold and foreshortened shadows,
you see a hardened, desiccated season of barren
tree limbs and a garden of dried khaki plant stems
whose papery rustle sounds like summer’s insects.
Memories of campanula, helenium, columbine,
achillea, foxglove and aster are the cordwood
that warms you, weapons keeping frost at bay.

I prize winter’s flowers, fragile and delicate,
blooming at roadside rock-cuts.  Frozen waterfalls,
hanging tusks and soda straws, cauliflower mounds
and scallop shells glow like moonbeams, veins
beneath pale winter skin, or translucent tourmalines
in rust, green and pink.   Reflecting and refracting
the slightest light, they magnify a weakened sun” *


Subconscious Musing, 1 January 2015, acrylics on paper, 59x42cm.

* from “Winter Flowers” by David K. Leff.

Stars in their Eyes

“They serve revolving saucer eyes,
dishes of stars; they wait upon
huge lenses hung aloft to frame
the slow procession of the skies.

They calculate, adjust, record,
watch transits, measure distances.
They carry pocket telescopes
to spy through when they walk abroad.

Spectra possess their eyes; they face
upwards, alert for meteorites,
cherishing little glassy worlds;
receptacles for outer space.” *


Stars in their Eyes
Derived from Subconscious Musing, 19 December 2014, acrylics on paper, 42x59cm.

A very Merry Christmas to each and every one who has visited my inconstant blog, who is now “following”, and who has been kind enough to indicate a liking for some of my work. Thanks!

* Extract from “The Ex-Queen Among The Astronomers” by Fleur Adcock, 1979.

Dark Day in Glasgow

I was going to post a more lighthearted piece today in the run up to Christmas but events yesterday in the centre of Glasgow when a bin lorry ran out of control killing six people and injuring another ten in the most random way has put a dreadful damper on what should be a happy time.

141113.SubMusing.002 “Subconscious Musing, 13 November 2014”, acrylics on paper, 42x59cm.

My heartfelt condolences to each family that has lost a loved one. Know that Glasgow stands with you.

Garden Gnome

Clearing some leaves and broken branches this morning from the back border I felt I was being observed from the “wild” corner, but every time I cast a glance over, there was nothing to see but straggly thistles and nettles. Until I sneaked a peak through my own legs and there he was:

“Subconscious Musing, 20 November 2014”, acrylics on paper, 59x42cm.