A+P Collaborative

“Something Fishy”

170321 A&PC 01
Acrylics on sugar-paper, 43x59cm.

“Dances with Brushes” or “Isn’t my Garden Beautiful”.

170321 A&PC 02
Acrylics on sugar-paper, 43x59cm.

Generally the red bits are mine.


Under the Flowering Zucchini

Oils on canvas, 50x40cm.

A walk in the garden is so much more exciting if you can magically reduce your height and wander around underneath the plants. It gives you a whole new perspective on life.

I very seldom work in oils now. It’s not that I especially prefer acrylics – each has different ways of working, different finishes, advantages and disadvantages. It’s probably more to do with speed. I can turn out ten acrylic paintings (at least) to one painting in oils (I nearly said “Oil Painting” but that would be too grand for the quality I can achieve).
The other day I was trying to clear some space in my studio and chucking out a whole bunch of ancient boards and canvases with unequivocally failed attempts while I was learning about painting – what to do, and more often, what not to do. Most of these car-crash failures were in oils. Boards are one thing, however, but canvases are another and I couldn’t bring myself to dispose of a stretched canvas with only two or three previous attempts on it. Those attempts at least provided an interesting textured and suggestive background.

The subject came from two separate sketchbook drawings seamlessly joined together to make a whole new reality. Well, it was real to me.

Sowing Season

It’s the middle of February and I’m beginning to think it’s about time to start sowing.
I know there are true gardeners out there already way ahead of me but I do the best I can.

Obviously Spring and the coming gardening season is on my mind:

Subconscious Musing, 10 February 2015, acrylics on paper, 42x59cm.

Cherries for Mrs Blackbird

She is very secretive and I am very lucky to ever see her dart into the garden and make off with her booty.

Her dashing husband seems to prefer the apples I put out, turning a blind eye to the cherries.

But Mrs Blackbird knows a tasty treat when it is laid out on a platter for her:

141225.Xmas 006

Garden Gnome

Clearing some leaves and broken branches this morning from the back border I felt I was being observed from the “wild” corner, but every time I cast a glance over, there was nothing to see but straggly thistles and nettles. Until I sneaked a peak through my own legs and there he was:

“Subconscious Musing, 20 November 2014”, acrylics on paper, 59x42cm.

The Autumnal Garden 1

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far for inspiration – it’s there waiting for you just outside the studio door:

Mixed media on paper, 59x42cm.

A shaft of sunlight cuts across the lawn while the flowerbed closest to the house falls into deep shadow.

There is a distinct autumnal smell – dampness certainly, but also decay. The scarlet acer is rapidly losing it’s leaves and the hydrangea petals are turning brown at their edges.

Today I am rewarded for my patience and withholding of the secateurs with a visit from a dashing blackbird to the rosehips left for just this purpose much to the delight of Amy, my 18 month old grand-daughter.

It’s never too early to introduce the wonders of nature.