A+P Collaborative

“Something Fishy”

170321 A&PC 01
Acrylics on sugar-paper, 43x59cm.

“Dances with Brushes” or “Isn’t my Garden Beautiful”.

170321 A&PC 02
Acrylics on sugar-paper, 43x59cm.

Generally the red bits are mine.


Driftwood No.3


Acrylics on canvas, “Driftwood No.3“, 51x76cm.

Sometimes when you are gazing out to sea searching the far horizon dreaming of sea adventures and foreign lands there is a tendency to miss something closer to home.

If, however, like me you also take pleasure in the confusion of detritus, flotsam and jetsam, scattered around on the beach under your feet then it is just as good a subject as the panoramic.

Drawing in the Dark

Just returned from a fantastic weekend in sunny Dumfries for the first ever Ukulele Festival of Scotland.

What a great festival: brilliant venue (Easterbrook Hall and Crichton Church), effectively organised, and the diversity and standard of all the bands/individuals was superb. Well done to Linda and Stewart Butterworth (co-festival Directors) for all their organisation. Looking forward already to doing it all again next year.

Rather than just sit passively in awe at what some people can do with a ukulele, however, I like to take advantage of the parade of figures in front of me for a bit of people drawing (I won’t call it “Life Drawing” for there was no one actually naked. Not that I saw anyway :o)

The challenge is to catch something of the performers:  a) from a distance with the wummin in front and her big buffoned hairdo keeping leaning over to whisper in the lug of her paramour, b)when the musicians keep diving about as the music takes them, c) the house lights are down and I’m using guesswork to a fair degree, and d) the effects of that dinner wine is still having it’s wicked way with me.

Here’s a small sampler:

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Zahra Lowzley was playing what she called her “alien” uke.

The Mersey Belles (cousins Pearl and Nancy) who were much more lively and entertaining than my rather static sketch suggests.

Brothers Tim & Jake Smithies of Dead Mans Uke so named after yer actual resonator ukulele which belonged to Tiny Tim.

Sarah Kelly who not only won the New Performers Competition but must also get the prize for best dressed uker with her coifed hair and long pink frock.

Finally, I should mention the brilliant (in more ways than one) compère Paul L Martin who was got up like a Circus Master of Ceremonies with his red coat and top hat so much so that I simply couldn’t do him justice. Gay as the Lanark Lanimer Day bunting he kept us all well amused!

New Website

It’s been a busy summer with little in the way of art being done but much in the way of music, gardening, grandchildren and holidays.

Now, as the nights draw in, at long last I have finally got around to finishing my new website (with the help of 1&1) and publishing it today.

David Cornelius Drawing&Painting

The Astronomers

The Astronomers

If the above link didn’t work you can try it here: http://davidcornelius.scot